Night Terrors

  Children often wake up upset after having a bad dream or nightmare. In general, they can be settled and soothed and will go off back to sleep again. With night terrors it’s very different. Night terror is a very big term for what is essentially a type of bad dream. The child will cry … More Night Terrors


  Constipation is the passing of hard stools, with difficulty, less often. While every child is different and what’s normal can vary, the sooner constipation is recognised and treated the better. Constipation is a very common issue in children, with up to 10% of children experiencing constipation at some stage. It can occur at any … More Constipation

Ear Infections & Glue Ear

  The ear is made up of three distinct parts: the outer ear, the middle ear (behind the ear drum) and the inner ear (deep within the temporal bone). Ear infections are the most common illness to affect pre-school children with up to 90% of children experiencing one before their third birthday. When an ear … More Ear Infections & Glue Ear