Meet the Authors

Paediatric Osteopath Frank Kelleher and his wife Rose have brought together all the invaluable information they have acquired over 30 years working in the healthcare sector, about digestive disorders in newborns, tongue tie, flat-head, sleep, ear infections, constipation and much more. Each chapter in the book gives you a detailed description of the condition, the signs and symptoms to look out for and the solutions that have worked for the 10,000 babies and children they have treated over the last 20 years.

Frank Kelleher R.M.N.H., D.O., G.Os.C., O.C.I.

Frank has been working in healthcare for more than 30 years. He began his PLD training at Cope Foundation Cork in 1987 and continued to work in this area in London where he was the Director of PLD Nursing Services for the Richmond, Twickenham and Roehampton Healthcare Trust. His Osteopathy journey began in London in 1992. He trained at the London School of Osteopathy and qualified in 1997. He returned to Cork in 1998 with Rose and their family and set up his own clinic. Since then he has specialised in Paediatric care and has built up a very busy practice. He has a far-reaching reputation, with parents travelling from all over Ireland to see him. One of Frank’s main objectives is to give parents as much information as possible about their child’s health. He is passionate about giving parents an effective plan to help them manage and resolve the condition affecting their little one.

Rose Kelleher R.G.N., R.M.

Rose is a General Nurse and a Midwife. She has worked in London as a Midwife and was a Practice Nurse in a GP Surgery in Richmond, Surrey. On returning to Cork in 1998, she started working with Frank and over the last 20 years has helped Frank to build up the business to where it is now. Having a mum of 4, a nurse and a midwife managing the clinic has been a huge advantage over the years.  Rose has a genuine empathy for the mums we see in the clinic and can often offer them the advice her many years of experience have given her.