The early weeks with a new baby are a magical time. Bringing baby home for the first time and getting to know your little one is what the first few days are all about. But it can also be a very busy and stressful time, particularly with the first baby. If you have questions about your little one, Cherished Baby & Child will help you answer them.

Why is my baby so unsettled?

My baby is bringing up her feed. Is this Reflux?

My baby cries for hours. Is this normal?

How can I calm my newborn baby?

My baby is not latching on properly and I’m so sore. Is this how breastfeeding should be?

I think my baby’s head is a little flat on one side. What can I do to make this better?

Cherished Baby & Child will answer all these questions and more for you and will give you the information needed to help identify what issue is affecting your baby and what can be done to resolve it.