To most new parents sleep is priceless! But to be fair, when a new baby arrives it is expected that sleep will not be something you will be getting too much of for the next little while. Sleep can become the most valuable commodity in your home, and you may find yourself comparing who got how many hours sleep last night. I know we did.

However, when baby becomes a toddler and the months drag on with no end or sleep in sight, it is normal for parents to look for a solution. Many parents will have tried some form of sleep training without success before they come to us. The way we have always approached sleep is to look for a possible physical reason to explain why little one’s sleep is disturbed. Finding and treating this is usually the answer. When no physical issue is found, it allows parents to start sleep training with confidence.

Cherished Baby and Child explains what is normal for your baby and how to recognise sleep cues. We give you the reasons the children attending our clinic have sleep issues and how we solved them.

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