Lactose Overload, Colic & Gut Immaturity

According to most health professionals, about 20% of babies develop colic. There is a generally accepted rule of three – if your baby cries inconsolably for more than three hours a day, more than three days per week and is aged between three weeks and three months, he may be diagnosed with colic.

A classic case of colic is where the baby pulls his knees up, clenches his fists, closes his eyes tightly or opens them wide. They may even hold their breath for a short time. Bowel activity increases, and your baby may pass “wind”.

However, colic is a term that is used widely by people who do not have another reason for baby’s distress. In our experience, there is more likely to be a cause for little one’s distress rather than it being a case of true colic. Therefore, it’s always wise to look at other digestive issues that can affect baby before deciding it is colic.


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